Hello Dear! 

I am Ananda da Silva, and welcome to my website. Here you will find information about my work, practice, services, products, ideas, partnerships, and much more!

I feel honoured and glad to have you at my website! 


About ananda

I am Ananda da Silva, born in Brazil, now based in the Netherlands. I am traveler. I have been around the world and within myself in search for adventures, self-exploration, self awareness and healing. 


I am a professional healer.

I am a Reiki Master in the Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire system 

 I teach and I love to be a channel for you to connect with your true-self and the with wisdom within you.  


I am a spiritual person, and I manifest my spirituality though universal shamanism. My medicines are Cacao, Rapeh, Ayahuasca, Magic Truffles, and music of course. I am so grateful for plant medicine and the goddess and the great spirit. 


I am an Artist, and I love to express myself through performing and singing. I have been an actress since I was a 6 years old, and I have been singing professionally since 2008. Now I am focusing on composing songs to share the journeys and processes that I have been through. You can find more about my music here. 

Multidimensional 3.png


Yes, I believe in life in different dimensions. More than that, I believe I come from another dimension. I feel my star family close to me, guiding, helping me in this existence. At the moment I collaborate with other Brazilian and Portuguese beautiful ladies in multidimensional therapies and classes over the topic. 

family constellations

I am a family constellator, and I work online with puppets on the table but also on the water. Family Constellations was key for me to find my place in my family system, and harvest all the power and blessings that my family system has to offer so my life can flow prosperously. 

holistic business

I am a manager. I've studied in  honourable institutions, I've worked in prestigious tech companies, niche consultancy firm, and today I apply my management knowledge in my own business. I also  help other holistic entrepreneurs with their projects, processes and strategies.