Music for the heart & soul

From an early age, Ananda set out to become a performer and professional Singer. Now in her early thirties she discovered the songwriter within her. She is excited by the boundless opportunities that music provides to continually develop herself and drive her artistic vision forward. Check out her newest productions below, and get in touch with any questions about Ananda.

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About Ananda

Ananda is a Brazilian Singer Songwriter and Reiki Master based in the Netherlands. Ananda seeks to offer something different and unique by creating and performing heartwarming original music that she is proud to call her own.


Her inspirations are Peia, Ajeet Kaur, Wah!, Tina Malia. Ananda has been recoding mantras and spiritual songs since her teens, and now she is releasing her own material. 


Ananda embarked on her musical voyage of artistic discovery as a youngster. She lived in a music school. She grew up listening to her grandfather playing classical guitar, her dad playing jazz piano, and her mom playing the flute. Her first band was at the age of 15, where she sang jazz with her best friends. When she was 17 years old she moved to the United States and was introduced to musical theater where she performed in local productions. 


During college she founded the band Cia Groove, playing all-time favourite funk, soul and disco hits from the 70's, as well as lots of Jamiroquai. She enrolled at the prestigious Tatui Conservatory in 2011 where she focused on jazz vocals. She has been singing professionally ever since, and with the Rodhanna band, she had appearances on TV in Brazil, playing for small venues as well as big crowds.


The variety of musicians and genres that she encountered though out her career has an influential role in shaping her signature sound.